What Do I Need For A Solar Panel System?

Solar panels are becoming more and more common. They are becoming a real option for people who want to generate their own environmentally friendly electricity. In this blog, we’ll look at what is needed to create a solar panel system.


Solar panels are made from silicon and are reactive to light. When the light hits a panel it converts light into an electrical charge. Electricity produced this way produces a DC current. This is the same type of electricity that batteries produce. Panels are typically mounted to a roof or other surface that is exposed to sunlight, because the more sunlight your panels are exposed to the more electricity they will produce.

The Inverter

Solar panels produce a DC current whereas mains electricity is AC. AC electricity changes the flow of electricity 50 times a second. This is where the inverter comes in. The Inverter converts DC current to AC current. What this actually does is uses a series of solid state switches that flip the electricity polarity backwards and forwards 50 times a second.


Not all solar power systems have a battery, but if it does have a battery it can store the electricity. This means that you won’t lose electricity generated by your solar panels and reduces waste. This means that for example the electricity generated by your solar panels during the day will be stored so that you can use the electricity for lighting at night for example.


A distributor is a device that distributes the AC power created by your inverter to the grid and/or to a specific breaker on your house’s fuse box. This means that you use the power generated by your solar panel system and if there is any surplus it will be taken from your system and onto the grid, where you will be reimbursed by your utility supplier for generating electricity. If your system is not supplying enough electricity for your home then you will receive electricity as normal from your electricity supplier.

These components are required for most home solar systems, but there are smaller integrated systems that you can buy that you don’t have to integrate into your mains electricity systems. These are generally designed for low power devices such as lighting and for charging mobile phones. These typically consist of a small solar panel unit with an integrated battery to store the electricity the panels produce.

Currently, solar panel systems aren’t a replacement for mains electricity but they can supplement your existing system, saving you money and produced in an environmentally friendly way.

There are hundreds of solar systems on the market so it’s really up to you to decide the best system for your needs.


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