4 Ways to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

With energy companies continuously increasing their tariffs and governments putting more and more pressure on homeowners to reduce their energy consumption, there has never been a better time to make your home eco-friendlier. Making your home more energy efficient is an initial cost however you will feel the effects straight away with lower bills. As well as short-term savings, in the long term having a more energy efficient home will add significant value to your property when it comes to selling. Keep reading to find out our top 4 tips to make your home more energy efficient.



  1. Upgrade Your Windows

Windows are one of the major ways heat escapes your home especially if you live in an older property where the chances of having single glazed windows are increased. If this is the case for your home, then getting your windows double glazed is an absolute must. Double glazing is one of those things which will cost you initially, however, double glazing is estimated to add an extra 10% onto the price of your property when it comes to selling so they effectively pay for themselves.


  1. Check Your Insulation

Along with your windows, poor insulation is the other major way that heat escapes your home. Newer properties generally have good insulation but if your property was built before the 90s then it is worth checking your insulation. Heat rises so ensuring your loft insulation is working efficiently is essential but there are also other forms of insulation which you can add to your property to stop heat escaping. Floor insulation can also be added, and all properties should also have wall insulation, so it is important to get these checked. Like double glazing, insulation will cost initially but adds significant value to the price of your property.



  1. Turn Off Your Appliances

If you’re not thinking about the long-term benefits and are looking to cut your energy bills, then there are several simple changes you can make to your home to make it more energy efficient. Firstly, make sure you have your appliances turned fully off when not using them. On average each household wastes £30 a year powering appliances which are left on. When buying appliances make sure you check the energy rating on the label as well. Products of the same size will use different amounts of energy so if you are looking to save electricity make sure you choose the one which uses less.


  1. Upgrade Your Heating System

Upgrading your heating system is also another way you can save money and reduce your energy consumption. Make sure you check your heating at the end of the winter, especially your boiler and pipes as they are the most prone to damage. Upgrading your heating system is also a great way to modernise your home. Vertical radiators are becoming incredibly popular in interior design and the best part about them, they are designed to use less energy. Take a look at the superb selection of vertical radiators from Trade Radiators which are both energy efficient and stylish.

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